What Causes Washing Machine Leaks? Info About Washing Machine Repair in Erie County, NY

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If you notice a puddle forming under your washing machine after using it, this almost always means you have a leak of some sort. It’s important to investigate the source of this leak and repair it before the issue becomes much worse.

Below are some categories and types of washer leaks to consider as you look for washing machine repair in Erie County, NY.

Top load washer leaks

  • Leaks at the front: Water leaks at the front of a top-load washer typically are a result of the overflow tube being clogged or tilted. Clogs can happen from overuse of detergent or an inappropriate combination of laundry products. Reduce load sizes or use slightly less detergent if this becomes an issue, and avoid manually adjusting the timer.
  • Leaks at the back: A top-load washer with a leak in the back could be because you did not remove the manufacturer’s drain plug before installing the drain hose. If you remove the hose, you’ll find a plastic plug you should remove. Otherwise, it could be caused by the drain not being properly secured in the drainpipe, a clogged drainpipe or loose connections.
  • Leaks under the washer: A leak under a top-load washer indicates there’s a hole in the water pump. You should replace the pump immediately to prevent water from landing on to the motor, which would cause the entire appliance to fail.

Front load washer leaks

  • Leak at the back: The same problems you’d find in a front-load washer at the back of the machine are the ones you’d find at the back of a top-load washer. Make sure all drain hoses are connected properly, that you’ve removed the manufacturer’s drain plug and that the drainpipe itself is not clogged. In some cases, a front load washer will also leak in the overflow area due to too many suds, in which case you should make sure you’re using high efficiency detergent, and just a small amount.
  • Leak at the front: A leak at the front of a front-loading washer could be because of a poor door seal. If you don’t keep the seal free of soil and soap, leaks will begin to form. Clean the gasket regularly and pay attention to the edges. It could also be possible that the door is not closing properly, in which case you might need to adjust the hinges to make sure the alignment of the door is correct.
  • Leak under the washer: Front load washers have an inner and outer drum. In these washers, the outer drum is often manufactured in two halves and bolted together. If the seams start to leak, you may need to replace these parts.

These are just a few of the most common reasons for washing machine leaks. For more information about how to address those problems, we encourage you to contact our technicians at All Appliance Parts & Service, Inc. today for more information about our washing machine repair in Erie County, NY.

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