Avoid Costly Appliance Repair in Erie County, NY with Maintenance Tips for Hardworking Home Appliances

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Who doesn’t want to avoid unplanned and expensive appliance repair in Erie County, NY? Everyone! Here are some summertime maintenance tips for your most hardworking home appliances.

Washing machine

If you have a newer, high-efficiency washing machine, then you are already saving water and electricity with each use. However, with the kids home and you working outside more this summer, there’s a good chance you’ll have more dirty clothes than usual. Your washer may need to work overtime this season, so here’s how to help it remain efficient:

  • Wash smaller loads: Heavy loads can put dangerous strain on your washing machine from the drum having turning issues to blowing the motor. To reduce the strain on your machine, give it breaks between wash loads. And don’t wash large laundry loads, large carpets, mats or blankets at home, even if they fit inside the machine. These kinds of bulky items will put excess pressure on the washer’s motor and cause damage.
  • Clean inside frequently: Once a week this summer, clean inside the drum using a damp cloth to remove residue from detergent, dirt, grease, soap buildup and other debris.
  • Air it out: If you don’t already leave the washing machine door open when it’s not in use, start today! Leaving the door open allows moisture to evaporate, while keeping it closed can cause a musty smell to form.

Clothes dryer

While some items are hang dry only, most washed loads go right into the dryer, which means it will get a workout this summer, too:

  • Don’t pack it full: Overloading your dryer can lead to several problems. For one thing, your clothes are going to take forever to dry. Cramming clothes into your dryer can also damage the motor, belts or any number of other moving parts. To save energy, dry faster and reduce strain on the unit, dry smaller loads.
  • Clean the lint catcher: Did you know you’re supposed to clean your dryer’s lint filter two ways? First, clean it before each use to allow air to flow; second, scrub it with water and detergent every so often, making sure the water can flow through the filter easily.


While you use your refrigerator all year long, it is subjected to many door openings and closings during the summer. Kids home from school for the summer break are always in search of food, and you’ll regularly seek cold beverages on hot days. Here’s how to keep your fridge running strong this summer:

  • Open it less: Limiting the number of times you open the door can save the compressor from having to work harder to maintain a cool inside temperature.
  • Don’t pack it full: Having too many food items inside your fridge can prevent air from circulating. This can lead to inefficient cooling, spoiled food and damage to moving parts.
  • Clean it: Your refrigerator will be more efficient when its coils and vents are free of lint, dust and other debris. Vacuum these elements on occasion.

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