Know the Signs That You Need Refrigerator Repair in Erie County, NY

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If you have had your refrigerator for some time, you might have been noticing some things lately that have created cause for concern. Unfortunately, the longer you have your kitchen appliances, the less efficient they become over time, and it is no different when it comes to the operation of your refrigerator. Here are a couple of signs that are letting you know that you could soon require refrigerator repair in Erie County, NY:

  • Rapidly spoiling food: If your food has been going bad only a couple days after you bought it and well before its indicated expiration date, it is a sign that the temperature inside your refrigerator is too high. You might also have noticed that the outside of your fridge appears as if it is sweating, or that there is excess condensation on the inside of the unit. This is another sign that something with the operation of the temperature is malfunctioning. If at some point the thermostat was inadvertently knocked to a higher temperature, it should be a simple fix, and just turning it back down will solve your problem. However, if you have tried to adjust the thermostat and your food is still expiring prematurely, you will need to call for the help of a professional.
  • Hot to the touch: Your refrigerator operates by removing the heat from inside the unit, as opposed to directly cooling it down. This means that it is normal for your fridge to be slightly warm to the touch. If you attempt to touch your fridge and are unable to because it is alarmingly hot, further investigation will be needed right away.
  • Rising energy costs: If your electric bill has been increasing gradually each month even though you believe your usage has remained unchanged, the culprit just might be your refrigerator. Your fridge normally represents about 8 percent of your total energy consumption, but if it needs repairs and is working much harder than it normally does to keep your items chilled, this number could shoot up dramatically.
  • Strange noises: When your refrigerator is operating normally, you should hear nothing more from it than a low hum, if you hear anything at all. If you can hear your fridge actively cycling on and off or there are other loud, abnormal noises coming from the unit, it is a sign that a professional will need to take a closer look.

If your refrigerator has been exhibiting any of these signs, make sure you contact the team at All Appliances Parts & Service, Inc. We have specialized in all kinds of refrigerator repair in Erie County, NY since 1989, and it is our mission to do whatever it takes to make sure that your appliance is running reliably and effectively. Whether you are just looking for spare parts or are in need of full-scale repairs, give us a call today to schedule an appointment so we can make sure your refrigerator is in top shape. We look forward to assisting you!

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