Easy Refrigerator Troubleshooting and Repairs You Can Do On Your Own

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You reach into your refrigerator multiple times a day and rely on it to be in good working condition 24/7. If something goes wrong with this critical kitchen appliance, you could lose tons of perishable foods on top of having to pay for costly repairs.

But not all kitchen breakdowns require a professional visit for refrigerator repair in Erie County, NY. Knowing which quick fixes and repairs you can do on your own and which actually require professional help can help you save money and get your repairs done quickly.

Two of the most common problems with refrigerators involve the internal temperature of the fridge and problems with the water and ice dispenser system. Here’s how you can troubleshoot and fix these problems yourself.

Cooling problems

Your fridge’s temperature needs to stay regulated in order to keep your food safe. If your fridge suddenly gets too warm or too cold, you’ll want to identify the source of the issue as soon as possible.

Your first step should be to double check the thermostat to make sure it is functioning and didn’t get turned up or down by mistake. If the thermostat is in working condition, there’s a chance it may be malfunctioning.

Next, identify the coils of your fridge and make sure they are free of dust and debris. Clogged coils will restrict airflow into your fridge, reducing its ability to stay cool. Inside the unit, verify that food boxes aren’t blocking the vents that allow cool air to circulate.

If these steps don’t work, you may need to check your air damper, which controls how much cold air is being pumped into the fridge. The damper may be stuck open or closed, affecting the internal temperature. Buying a new damper and replacing it is often a matter of removing a few screws and unplugging one or two components inside the fridge. You can get reliable parts from an appliance service that offers refrigerator repair in Erie County, NY.

Water and ice dispenser problems

If the water dispenser that is built into your fridge stops working, the first place you should look is the water filter. This filter should be changed out every six months, but many homeowners forget about it because it is out of sight. This filter can get clogged and obstruct the flow of water.

If changing the filter doesn’t work, check the water inlet valve at the back of your fridge. If pressure to the valve is inadequate, or there is a clog or hole in the tubing, water will not be able to enter the system. Replace the valve or clean it out to improve flow.

Ice dispensers also tend to have problems that are easily fixed on your own. If you aren’t getting a consistent stream of ice from the dispenser, check the bottom of the ice container. A buildup of excess ice might be preventing the system from making more. A new filter may also help fix the problem if the current one is plugged by debris.

Finally, if no ice is present in the icemaker, check the water inlet tube that transports water to the icemaker. This tube may be frozen over, blocking water from flowing in.

Repairs too much to handle? Call in the experts

Sometimes, DIY repairs just aren’t enough to fix your refrigerator’s problems. More technical repairs involving fans, wiring and other components are best left to the experts.

If you need refrigerator repair in Erie County, NY, call All Appliances Parts & Service, Inc.! Our team offers fast and reliable appliance repair services. We also sell appliances and parts to customers at our appliance store, making us your one-stop shop for all your appliance needs.

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