Top Ways to Avoid Needing Dishwasher Repair in Erie County, NY

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The dishwasher in your family’s kitchen probably gets a lot of use. Load after load of dirty dishes puts stress on the appliance, and in time you may find yourself with a broken dishwasher. While appliance breakdowns are normal, they can be extremely frustrating and expensive to fix.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can take better care of your dishwasher to avoid the frequency of breakdowns and reduce the need for dishwasher repair in Erie County, NY.

Avoid overloading

It might be tempting to shove as many dishes into your appliance as possible to get them all done in one load, but doing so may prevent the dishes from being washed and rinsed properly. When this happens, you’ll probably need to re-rinse them, which can lead to leaks. Excess water in the unit can collect at the bottom and leak out from under the door.

Pre-clean dishes

You don’t need to wash all of your dishes by hand, but you should avoid putting dishes with food particles on them into the dishwasher too often. These food particles will get swept away and collect in the drain lines and screens, potentially damaging the pump in the unit. Taking a few seconds to rinse dishes off before loading them up can help minimize the effects food has on the machine.

Avoid washing jars with labels

Everyone knows that paper disintegrates or peels away when it comes in contact with water and soap, but putting jars with paper labels in the dishwasher is a common mistake many homeowners make. The paper from these jars can strip away and accumulate in the filter and washer arms, potentially causing leaks and breakdowns. Always soak jars to remove the labels before washing them in your dishwasher.

Minimize the use of soap

You might think that loading up on the dishwasher liquid may help your dishes get squeaky-clean, but using too much too often can actually cause problems for the inside of your appliance. Soap will build up in the components of the dishwasher and make it more difficult to clean and operate properly. One of the parts most affected by this mistake is the pump and motor assembly, which is required for your dishwasher to run at all.

Clean door seals

The seals on your dishwasher help keep the space between the appliance and the door watertight to prevent leaking. These seals can get dirty and worn down over time and will need to be maintained to ensure the door stays firmly shut. Wash the seals with diluted bleach or vinegar regularly, and keep an eye out for when seals or the door gasket may need to be replaced.

Conduct routine dishwasher maintenance

Keeping a close eye on the parts that help your dishwasher run will minimize the possibility of an unexpected breakdown.

Filters and other internal components of the dishwasher need to be cleaned regularly to ensure the machine is running efficiently. The filter can be soaked in hot, soapy water for an hour, then scrubbed to remove any built-up food particles and sediment.

Additionally, some parts of your dishwasher will need to be replaced over time. Fans, valves and tubes may become cracked or ineffective after regular use. If you feel comfortable, purchase new parts from a reliable vendor and replace these yourself.

If your dishwasher fails despite your best efforts, don’t hesitate to call a professional for dishwasher repair in Erie County, NY. All Appliances Parts & Service, Inc. offers reliable appliance repair services, as well as access to new appliances and appliance parts in our physical store. Call us today to learn more!

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