How to Know When Appliance Repair in Erie County, NY Is Worth It

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Sometimes it’s obvious when a home appliance like a washing machine or dishwasher needs to be repaired or replaced. Other times, it is not so easy to spot the signs of a failing unit. Ultimately, contacting an experienced appliance repair technician to inspect and test the appliance in question will give you the solid answers you need. They can perform a thorough diagnostic check to see if the appliance is worth repairing. If the cost for repairs makes sense, consider taking that route instead of replacing the unit.

To fix, or not to fix

So, how do you know if your appliance is worth fixing? For some people, it’s easier to just get rid of an appliance that’s giving them trouble. They replace it with a new one and move on, while others don’t mind putting a little elbow grease into figuring it out and even fixing the problem. If you think about it, bringing your washer back to good health may only cost a few dollars, while buying a brand-new unit will cost hundreds.

Three common appliance repairs that are worth it

There’s a wise saying in the repair business: if you can repair it for 50 percent or less of what it would cost to replace it, then the fix may be a cost-effective endeavor. Are you ready to consider appliance repair in Erie County, NY? Here are some tips”

  • Washing machine: Wet clothing and water will quickly weigh down the basket and other components of your washing machine, which can hinder the machine’s ability to agitate the laundry. Both front- and top-loading washing machines can stop spinning unexpectedly. When the machine’s agitator won’t spin, don’t immediately assume it’s busted. The fix can be something as simple as replacing the agitator, drive belt or cogs.
  • Dishwasher: DIY dishwasher repairs can be tricky, so read through your owner’s manual’s troubleshooting page before touching anything. The most common home dishwasher repairs include leaks, failing heating elements and water failing to spray to clean or rinse dish loads. If you have a leak around the door, fix it with new door gaskets. Heating elements will need to be replaced instead of repaired. When it comes to the problem of water not spraying, you might try repairing the spray arms or the motor pump. Replacing a component is better than having to replace the entire dishwashing machine.
  • Window AC unit: Many homes across the country have window air conditioning units. This setup seems to work better in some situations, while a central air conditioner makes more sense for others. Homeowners using window units should perform regular maintenance to ensure they function properly when they’re needed, and make repairs as soon as problems are discovered. Common repairs for an AC that is not blowing cold air include replacing the capacitor, fan motor or temperature control unit.

If you think you may need kitchen or laundry appliance repair in Erie County, NY, call the team at All Appliances Parts & Service, Inc. We’ll do everything we can to make a problem appliance run like new again!

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