Speed Queen Washers and Dryers: Built to Last 25 Years!

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When it’s time to shop for a new washer and dryer, you’ll quickly discover that the options feel limitless. The market is filled with myriad brands, styles and features. Which appliances are worth the investment? How can you know which are the best washers and dryers in Erie County, NY?

One of the main qualities you want to look for is longevity. Obviously, you don’t want to replace your appliances again in just a couple of years. Why not look for ones that may last a couple of decades instead? Speed Queen is an industry-leading brand that is worth considering. Here’s the scoop on their offerings.

Top Load Washer

If you’re looking for durable construction, Speed Queen’s top load washers are a great solution. They are constructed with quality materials to create long-lasting, reliable appliances. They consistently deliver superior performance.


Enjoy innovation and durability with Speed Queen dryers. These appliances offer special drying cycles to perfectly dry your laundry every time. Featuring axial airflow patterns and advanced moisture settings, these dryers will allow you to enjoy greater efficiency and lower utility bills.

Stacked Washer/Dryers

For those who want the durability and quality of Speed Queen dryers but have less square footage to spare, stacked washer and dryers are the ideal solution. A durable stainless steel tub offers clothing-friendly design and provides durable, dependable performance. The appliances also feature balance technology that reduces noise and vibrations. A convenient time-remaining display lets you know when your laundry will be ready, and a control lock prevents children from tampering with the machine. Advanced sensors and selections let you choose the perfect dryness level of each load. An up-front lint filter adds further convenience with easy cleaning.

Product Development

In order to produce the best washers and dryers in Erie County, NY, Speed Queen follows a multi-stage product development process. The company uses advanced digital engineering and modeling to generate the design and components of each appliance. Each component is then tested until it can perform to at least twice its expected lifespan. After appliances have passed in-house testing, they undergo field testing. The products must prove that they can withstand the harshest real-world conditions. Speed Queen then uses state-of-the-art technology to manufacture each appliance. The final product is built to last 25 years.

Independent Dealers

Speed Queen machines are sold only through authorized appliance dealers. These professionals are trained in detail about the equipment so customers can rest assured they are buying the right machine for their needs. The dealers are equipped with the knowledge to answer any questions about the appliances and make the best recommendation for each customer.

Learn More

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