There’s No Heat! Common Clothes Dryer Problems and What to Do Before Scheduling Repairs

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Have you ever thrown a load of wet laundry and a dryer sheet into the dryer, set the timer and then the machine wouldn’t start? Maybe it started but didn’t heat at all. The first things you might’ve checked were the wall electrical outlet and the circuit breaker to ensure a power connection. The machine needs enough power to run the motor and supply heat. If voltage is lacking, that could be the cause of your heating issue. However, there are other reasons your dryer may be struggling to heat up.

Below are a few of the most common types of clothes dryer problems and what you can try before calling an appliance service company for dryer repair in Erie County, NY.

Clothes are not fully dry, but feel warm

A properly working clothes dryer lets you load it up, start it up and walk away. Once the dry cycle is complete, all the clothes inside should be fully dry. If your clothes are still damp, the dryer was either overloaded, the heat setting was not high enough or you’ve got a heating problem on your hands. It’s the worst when everything seems to work as expected, but you notice the problem gradually getting worse over time until, seemingly all of a sudden, it won’t dry your clothes at all.

The most common cause for this problem is a faulty heating element. The dryer needs a working heating element to heat, although the unit will still spin the load of clothes to completion, minus the critical drying part. Make sure the lint screen is clean and keep in mind that heating elements will wear out over time. The good news is that you can replace the heating element yourself, or call an appliance service technician to come take a look.

Drum is spinning, but there’s no heat

A dryer that won’t heat up at all points to a bigger issue. This will be obvious because the drum may spin, but the clothes are wet and cold from the start of the cycle all the way to the end.

This can be attributed to a blown thermal fuse. Note that newer units with a blown fuse may prevent the dryer from running at all. The purpose of this fuse is to help prevent fires, but fuses can naturally wear out. Luckily, they are designed to short out at higher than normal temperatures. You must replace blown fuses. Other causes include clogs, such as in the lint screen or ventilation points, or an overload machine.

Drum not spinning

You’ve got a serious problem if you start a dry cycle and the motor hums but the drum stands still. However, while the problem is serious, the fix may be pretty simple. First, check the dryer’s belt. It could be worn out if you turn the unit on and the drum doesn’t spin. You can check the belt by unplugging the dryer, removing the rear panel and inspecting the belt for wear.

If you’re at all uncertain about what might be wrong with your dryer, it makes sense to turn to the pros. Don’t hesitate to call All Appliances Parts & Service, Inc. anytime to inquire about dryer repair in Erie County, NY.

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