How to Avoid Costly Laundry Appliance Repair in Erie County, NY

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Large household appliances like washing machines, clothes dryers, refrigerator/freezers and water heaters make day to day living easier. Some keep our food fresh and safe to eat, while others keep us comfortable or clean.

But the appliances we depend on are often taken for granted, not getting a second thought until they go on the fritz or completely break down. The reality is, all large appliances will likely need repairs at some point. That doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to slow the aging process or preserve function quality, though!

To prolong the life of your household’s gas or electric dryer and washer, you must clean, care for and maintain them on a regular basis. Below are some tips to help you avoid the pain of costly laundry appliance repair in Erie County, NY:


Even though laundry room appliances are made to clean items like clothing, linens and towels, they can’t do their job properly when dirty. So, yes, you need to clean your washing machine and clothes dryer periodically to ensure every load of laundry comes out fresh and clean!

Washing machines

Whether you have a top-load or front-load washer, take a damp, wrung-out cloth and gently wipe down all visible surfaces. Don’t forget to scrub clean the inside of the door and its rubber seal. Use elbow grease and a dab of liquid dish soap on a damp cloth to remove spots of dried-on detergent or mineral deposits from water droplets.

If your machine is just dusty, simply wipe it with a microfiber cloth or duster. Run a “full load” empty cycle of hot water and white distilled vinegar to clean the inside of the washer.


Use a damp cloth to wipe dirt, dust and lint off your dryer unit. Always clear out the lint trap before every use, otherwise the load will take longer to dry. And, did you know you’re supposed to clean the lint trap itself? Two to four times a year you should remove the lint trap, toss any remaining lint and either vacuum or wash the trap. This step gets rid of fine particles and debris that has collected inside the mesh.

Care and Maintenance

Both electric and gas washers and dryers are connected to a power supply through connectors. Make sure all connections are attached securely, especially pipes or tubes that transport gas.

When it comes to using your washing machine, don’t overload it. Heavy or off-balance loads can ruin a washing machine. The best thing to do is wash smaller loads, even in machines with larger tubs.

Avoid slamming washer and dryer doors shut; leave the washing machine door open to air out and dry completely between uses.

Without regular care and maintenance, household gas and electric dryer repair in Erie County, NY will be expensive. Luckily, the pros at All Appliances Parts & Service, Inc. can fix appliance problems when they’re small, so you can avoid costly breakdowns in the future. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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